The Backstory

Timeglider began as the brainchild of Michael Richardson, back in 2002, and launched as a Flash-based app in 2003, so by internet standards, we're a real dinosaur. In 2010, seeing the demise of Flash on the horizon, Richardson rewrote Timeglider to be an HTML5 app, so it's written in HTML and JavaScript today. In addition to the "software-as-a-service" app, Timeglider's timeline component can be used separately as a JavaScript "widget" and integrated into other apps. Companies like Geico, Nike, NASA, FINRA, and a bunch of military branches have used the Timeglider widget in their own app contexts.

In 2019 Timeglider was acquired by Preceden Timeline Maker, an online tool for creating great-looking timelines.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you map time, and to create a vehicle for exploring said map that is fast, intuitive, and fun.


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